7 Ways to Leverage Digital Signage in Retail

Have you been considering ways to help enhance your customer and employee experience at your retail location(s), as well as increase organic growth? Digital signage is a powerful tool that can help boost your marketing initiatives and increase your brand’s awareness.

Here are 7 easy ways to leverage digital signage in any retail environment:

1. Upsell Products and Services

Let’s face it, you can only control up to a certain amount of upselling your employees are doing. They might forget, or miss an opportunity. Luckily, digital signage never misses that window. Oftentimes, a simple image or small reminder will upsell customer a lot more effective than being told a sales pitch at the point of sale.

Digital signage is the right solution when it comes to ensuring consistency and upselling products or services. Customers are equally able to experience the messaging and are more likely to purchase more from your business.

2. Share Promotions

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Marketing 101 – promotions are a great way to get customers excited about your brand. They can instantly be immersed an experience using call-to-actions. A promotional discount creates a sense of urgency and ultimately leads to the customer taking the desired action. Whether it’s posting about your brand on social media, joining your loyalty program,  or committing to the purchase they have been on the fence about, digital signage can help your retail locations increase their bottom line.

3. Effectively Inform and Entertain Your Customers

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With digital signage, you have the power to show a variety of content that can effectively inform your audience, as well as entertain them. Whether it’s showcasing social media feeds, the weather forecast, current news, and events, or video clips, your content will enhance the customer experience.  

CrownTV has numerous Apps to choose from including weather, news, social media, quotes, graphics & videos. 

4. Increase Social Media Buzz

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Showcase the excitement of your brand and customers by displaying social media on digital signage. This is a fun way to engage and convert customers by leveraging your social channels.

CrownTV’s live twitter feed and Instagram Hashtag Wall increase social buzz on average of 200%+ instantly.

5. Engage people with Effective Calls to Action

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Digital signage is a great tool to persuade people to take action. Show creative content on digital displays to get people engaged and talking about your business in a positive way, or provide you with valuable feedback.

The best part about digital signage is that it does the work for you by enticing your customers to take action in a consistent and reliable way.

6. Demonstrate That Your Brand is Tech Savvy

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If being a forward and modern thinker is a characteristic of your brand, then digital signage is more than an effective tool.

Luxury watch retailer, Invicta Stores, installed digital displays throughout all of their retail locations.

“We are obviously in a vibrant environment, and we want to stand out to our customers. If you want to do something, it’s got to be the best way or you don’t do it at all.”

– Mauricio Krantzberg, Invicta Stores Director.

7. Decrease Perception of Wait Time

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When business is booming, there’s usually a wait time involved. Whether it’s a cool promotion or a new product release, utilizing idle time with digital signage is a great way to engage your brand with people and offer effective calls to action.

Every second that a customer is in your store is precious. Think of the opportunities to enhance the customer’s experience, upsell, and reward them for promoting your brand.

Digital signage can transform your retail location by creating a more dynamic customer experience. To see it in action, click here.

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