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Show it in technicolor

With expertise that comes with more than a decade of digital signage experience, we’ve sealed the best deals with the largest hardware producers and can advise you on the size, type, and power of screens you need.

Seeing is believing

Screens that show up.

We offer a wide range of screens optimized for indoor and outdoor displays and advise you on the size, brightness, and resolution that suits your business best, according to your chosen budget. All screens are of the highest quality, especially designed and tested for digital signage and its daily usage.


13” to 98”


350 to 700 cd


HD, Full HD or 4K 


46” to 75”


4000 cd (LED: 6000 cd)


HD, Full HD or 4K 


Mount your displays.

We also provide a wide selection of mount solutions for your digital signage needs. Choose from our off-the-shelf options, or let us create a custom solution tailored to your requirements. We ensure secure and professional installation for optimal display impact.


Decisions, done for you.

What display will work best for your business? Indoor or outdoor? How bright? Commercial or residential?

At CrownTV, we have 10+ years of extensive experience in the industry, helping hundreds of clients across the globe with solutions that helped increase their revenue. With our proven expertise, we can assist you in choosing the right display, regardless of your industry or budget, steering you toward ultimate digital signage success.


Prices you won’t find anywhere else.

At CrownTV, we’ve built steadfast, longstanding connections with commercial-grade display manufacturers from top-notch display brand manufactures. We purchase incredibly high volumes of hardware and are able to get you prices for your screens significantly below the regular market price.


A turnkey experience.

We believe in making the entire process turnkey and seamless for our customers. From the moment you purchase, we take care of everything, including secured shipping and handling. Our goal is to eliminate any hassle or inconvenience, allowing you to focus on leveraging your new display to its fullest potential.

Over the decades, we’ve built relationships with superstar technicians across the US and Canada, so wherever your business is located, you have the option of getting a digital signage expert assigned to your project. The technician will set up, install and make sure that your complete signage system is in perfect working order.


“We are thrilled with CrownTV’s exceptional work in creating a custom app for us to display because we couldn’t find one that fit our requirements well enough. Their team went above and beyond to understand what we need. CrownTV’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction have been outstanding. “


CrownTV makes it
even better.


Price Perfection

When you get screens through CrownTV, you’re using our longstanding connections with hi-tech companies for prices you cannot find on the market.  


Crown Coordination

With screens that are selected by CrownTV, you can be sure that they are perfectly aligned with our software for a blip-free, 100% supportive experience. 


Rockstar support

Need help? At CrownTV, our expert support services team is always ready to help you with any difficulties or glitches along the way.


Hardware mobility

The CrownTV digital signage system has a super easy setup, so you can add and move around your devices with plug-and-play flexibility.

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