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Experience effortless cloud digital signage with CrownTV in Chicago: state-of-the-art software, indoor digital displays, high-brightness window digital displays, and professional digital signage installation services. Lift your messaging with our cutting-edge solutions, crafted to capture and engage.

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CrownTV - Among the Top Digital Signage Companies Boosting Businesses in Chicago, IL

In the bustling streets of Chicago, IL, businesses encounter the unique challenge of capturing the attention of a diverse and constantly moving crowd.

Digital displays have quickly become essential for companies in various sectors within the Windy City, and the reasons are clear. For businesses operating in Chicago, amidst its iconic skyline and dynamic urban landscape, implementing digital signage displays can revolutionize how you engage with your audience. It enhances brand interaction, educates and entertains your clients and customers, and ensures your employees are well-informed.

No matter the industry—retail, healthcare, education, or any other—CrownTV stands as the premier digital signage provider, offering the ideal solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Engaging Audiences in the Windy City

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Showcasing Your Brand with Impact

Utilizing high-quality software helps you present your brand's message, offers, and products with clarity and impact. In the energetic setting of Chicago, where competition is stiff, strategic branding is essential for achieving success.

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Real-Time Updates and Flexibility

Digital signage can provide real-time updates and flexibility in content management. Instantly adapt to changing circumstances, update promotions, and display essential information as needed, ensuring your message is always relevant.

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Engaging Customers and Creating Memorable Experiences

Create engaging content that resonates with your target audience. In a city that thrives on experiences, captivating visuals, and interactive displays, you can now leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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Advising on Best Digital Displays/Choosing Displays + Installation Services

Selecting the right digital displays is crucial for effective brand showcasing. CrownTV offers local expertise and guidance on choosing the best displays tailored to your needs, complemented by seamless installation services to ensure a hassle-free setup.


Elevate your customers’ shopping experience with indoor or window displays for your retail store.


Engage fitness enthusiasts with dynamic content.

Workplace and Office

Improve internal communication in your Chicago office.

Indoor Digital Display

Create captivating indoor experiences.


Improve patient experiences and reduce wait times in medical facilities.

Window Digital Display

Outshine natural sunlight with ultra-bright window displays.


Transform educational spaces with interactive displays.


Make a lasting impression with lobby displays.

For a full list of our industries

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White Glove Treatment

The services you need, the way you want them.

At CrownTV, we excel as digital signage vendors, delivering expertise, simplicity, versatility, and all-inclusive solutions to numerous businesses in Chicago, IL, and globally.

Regardless of your stage in the digital signage process, our extensive experience allows us to effectively evaluate your needs and provide localized, expert guidance. We’ll identify the ideal display solutions for your projects, coordinate with a professional, licensed, and insured installer for hardware implementation, and ensure your team maximizes the benefits of our digital solution.

Our approach is straightforward: You inform us about the services and support level you desire, and we customize your digital signage experience accordingly, whether you need a complete package (including hardware, software, installation, and setup) or just specific components.

Beautiful, Powerful Displays

Elevate your brand with our stunning displays that can be connected to any digital display system.

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Making the most of your commercial displays

We keep up with the latest display trends so we can bring you the most advanced technology on the market. When you choose a digital screen from us, you’ll receive expert guidance to ensure that your displays are aligned with your goals and budget.and secure, allowing you to manage screens across the globe without compromising security.

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A wide variety of digital display suppliers to fit your needs

We have secured deals with some of the biggest digital display suppliers for screens, allowing us to secure you below-market prices for the most powerful monitors.

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Easy installation for your digital screen displays

We’re also an installation company! Let one of our local technicians come and install your screen, providing a seamless experience for you.

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A large selection of digital displays

Different companies benefit from different types of displays based on their industry, lighting conditions, overall aesthetic needs, and design goals.
Our digital display systems include:

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The perfect mounts to suit your screens

We also provide a wide selection of mount solutions for your digital signage needs. Choose from our off-the-shelf options, or let us create a custom solution tailored to your requirements. We ensure secure and professional installation for optimal display impact.

  • Free-standing mount
  • Ceiling mount
  • Floor to Ceiling
  • Cable mount
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For all of your indoor digital displays, outdoor digital displays, high brightness display options, and mount services

Technology and Hardware for Maximum Impact.

Built by the pros. We take pride in crafting technology that strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and user-friendliness, opening up unlimited possibilities for your business.

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Developed with genius.
Packed with features.
Still easy to use. 

Starting at $39/month. Discounts are available for multiple unit purchases.

It might be techy, but it doesn’t have to be technical. Go for easy digital signage software solutions:

Firmware and Software Updates

cloud-based software

It might be techy, but it doesn’t have to be technical. Go for easy digital signage software solutions:

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Explore our app store's

full range of integration possibilities for unlimited content and streaming options.

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Manage unlimited displays worldwide

effortlessly from one dashboard without compromising security, flexibility, or user-friendliness.

Click here to learn more about our dashboard


Media Players

Crafted exclusively by CrownTV to deliver stunning displays and unparalleled performance.

Starting at only $150 per media player

At Crownt TV, we’ve created our own media player so you can enjoy: 

Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

Update menus easily

Consistent content


Remote Control

Stripped down to minimize risk

Easy Setup

Secure, one-way connection

Top notch security

Click here to learn more about our digital signage media player

Loved by many successful
Chicago businesses.

Loved by many successful

The Agency

The agency required a solution to showcase their listings through a window display using digital signage. CrownTV provided a comprehensive digital signage installation service, employing a local technician to handle the entire process. This included the customization of a back cover and cable mount, as well as the installation of a high-brightness window digital signage display. Additionally, the agency can now display their real estate listings on the go with our user-friendly digital signage software, enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with potential clients.


CownTV installed the window display and the cash wrap display, providing a comprehensive solution for these high-traffic areas. The team can now use our solution to remotely update videos as needed, ensuring the content remains fresh and engaging. Custom mounts were also installed to support the displays within a bespoke enclosure, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the setup.


TravisMatthew has been leveraging our digital signage solution for their indoor displays, facilitating seamless content promotion directly from their headquarters in California. Our versatile digital signage software enables them to remotely update content, initiate promotions as needed, and maintain full control over what is displayed across the five screens within their store. This setup not only simplifies content management but also enhances their ability to engage customers effectively.

About Crowntv

At CrownTV, located in Chicago’s vibrant landscape, we provide more than just digital signage solutions; we guarantee a smooth transition from concept to completion. Our offerings encompass sophisticated dashboards, high-quality screens, and robust media players, tailored for various industries such as retail, hospitality, and beyond. Additionally, we offer expert installation services, ensuring your digital signage is seamlessly integrated and fully functional.

Enjoy a stress-free experience with our proficient team, who have driven many businesses to success with extensive support and are prepared to boost your business in the Windy City.

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Let’s Talk

Get in touch for all of your digital signage needs


What is digital signage?

Digital signage refers to the use of digital displays, screens, and monitors for advertising, information, or communication purposes. It’s a versatile tool for businesses to engage with their audience effectively.

A digital display is an electronic visual device that presents digital content, including text, images, videos, or animations. It can take the form of screens, monitors, or interactive panels and is commonly used for information dissemination and marketing purposes.

Digital display advertising refers to the practice of promoting products, services, or content through digital displays, such as screens, monitors, or billboards. It utilizes visual and multimedia elements to engage and inform the target audience effectively.

Digital signage software is a specialized application that allows users to create, manage, and display content on digital signage screens and displays. It enables the scheduling, remote control, and customization of content for various purposes, such as advertising, information sharing, or entertainment.

Digital signage works by integrating hardware components like digital displays, media players, and content management systems. Content is created or uploaded to the digital signage software, which schedules and displays it on the screens. Users can remotely control and update content as needed, making it a dynamic and versatile communication tool.

Digital signage enhances your business’s visibility and engagement, providing a distinct way to differentiate yourself, especially in competitive markets like Chicago.

High brightness displays are essential in Chicago’s bright and varied lighting, ensuring digital signage is always visible and effective, even in direct sunlight or crowded areas.

Absolutely! We’ll send a representative for an on-site consultation to understand your needs and offer customized digital signage solutions.

Our experts will assist you in selecting the most suitable digital signage software, ensuring it meets your San Francisco business’s specific requirements.

CrownTV excels in Chicago with extensive experience, local knowledge, and a comprehensive range of solutions designed for the state’s unique needs. We prioritize quick project turnaround and offer on-site visits to Chicago businesses at no extra charge.

Effective digital signage in Chicago involves strategic placement, engaging content, and frequent updates to maintain audience interest.

You’ll need screens or monitors, high-brightness displays for clear visibility, and digital signage software for managing content.

We offer free, localized consultations in Chicago to provide the best pricing and outcomes, with same-day scheduling and prompt quotes available.

Yes, we offer local installation services in Chicago to ensure your digital displays are set up smoothly.

Yes! We’ve local technicians with our HQ in NYC

Absolutely. During our visit, we’ll provide expert advice on indoor digital display placement and window digital display placement, offering various options tailored to your space and objectives.

Our team caters to all major areas across Chicago, IL, and extends to the surrounding metropolitan regions, including but not limited to Downtown Chicago, North Side, South Side, West Side, Near North Side, Near South Side, Near West Side, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Hyde Park, Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square, West Loop, Loop, and nearby suburbs. If your location isn’t listed, please reach out to us, and we’ll make arrangements to assist you.

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