Benefits of Digital Signage for NYC Retail Businesses

As the city that never sleeps, New York City offers 24/7 opportunities for businesses to reach and engage with potential customers. Retail establishments in particular – of which there are over 162,000 in NYC – have much to gain by standing out in this city of 8.5 million people. As such, digital signage has become an increasingly popular way for retail businesses in NYC to market their products and promote their brand. From digital displays in storefront windows to giant video walls inside stores, digital signage offers numerous benefits to NYC retailers. Let’s discuss some of these benefits.


Digital signage helps retailers in New York City engage with their customer base in a more meaningful way. Unlike traditional print signage, digital signage allows retail businesses to update content more frequently and tailor messages to specific audiences. This enables businesses to better target their messaging, creating a more personalized customer experience. Digital signage solutions like CrownTV can also display interactive content via apps, such as Instagram feeds, online reviews and NFTs, which can help further engage customers with the brand. 


Digital signage is an effective way for retailers in New York City to increase their visibility, which is crucial in such a large and competitive market. Digital displays are eye-catching and can draw attention from pedestrians (of which there are many in NYC!), attracting more customers into the store and increasing brand recognition. Digital signage also offers the opportunity to display dynamic, high-quality content and visuals, which can help create a memorable and lasting impression. Additionally, digital signage can be used to showcase products, promotions, brand campaigns and more, and content can be changed readily and frequently to keep customers informed of the latest offerings.

Customer Experience

Digital signage can also help retailers in New York City enhance the in-store shopping experience for customers – especially important as retailers face increasing competition from ecommerce and online shopping. Digital signage is often more informative than print signage, as the displays can convey more content using less space, providing customers with detailed product information and purchase options. Digital displays also enable businesses to provide real-time, relevant, timely information such as targeted promotions, special offers and the latest products. All of this helps to create a better shopping experience for customers, in which they know they’re getting the most out of your retail brand and everything it offers. The creation of an immersive, engaging shopping experience by displaying interactive, personalized, dynamic content can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.


How does a retail business stand out in a city of 8.5 million people, and over 162,000 competing retailers? Digital signage is certainly one way. As opposed to the static signage many other establishments use, digital signage content is inherently dynamic and interactive. The ability to quickly and easily update the content showing in stores, like with CrownTV’s cloud-based dashboard, allows retailers to ensure their content is always fresh and distinct from the competition. It can engage audiences and increase customer retention in ways printed signage cannot. Even after seeing it, customers are more likely to remember what they saw on digital signage. 

Cost Efficiency

Running a retail business is challenging anywhere, but especially so in New York City, where commercial real estate comes at some of the highest prices in the world. Although they may look expensive, digital signage displays are extremely cost-efficient and give retailers a lot of bang for their buck. In fact, digital signage is often less expensive than traditional signage, as the maintenance fees are much lower. Printed signs need to be swapped out and changed constantly, whereas changing the content on digital signage does not require replacing the display – which makes it a sustainable solution, too! Additionally, retail businesses can track and measure the effectiveness of their digital signage and content, allowing them to optimize it for the utmost cost efficiency. 


As we mentioned, digital signage gives retail businesses increased visibility in NYC. However, it can also help them be more visible in the literal sense, through the ability to use ultra-bright displays. Ultra-bright displays allow retailers to effectively communicate with customers even in the most challenging lighting environments. They’re specifically designed to make content highly visible and attractive, even when exposed to direct sunlight or other strong ambient light. This is particularly useful for outdoor or window-facing displays, which can be difficult to see under bright conditions. And after dark, when many New Yorkers are still out and about, your signage will shine bright and continue drawing the attention of potential customers.

So, NYC retailers: what are you waiting for? Start turning window shoppers into paying customers with CrownTV’s digital signage solution.

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