Digital signage for

restaurants, eateries and QSR


Share updated menus, enticing food videos and food specials for more guaranteed increase in sales.


Increase sales

Share updated menus, enticing food videos, and food specials for more guaranteed increases in sales.


Generate engagement

Share mouthwatering content that attracts outsiders, inspires more sales, and encourages special bundles for discounts.


Update menus easily

Share your customers’ posts and ratings of your food and eatery to encourage others to rate, like, share, and post as well.


Be ready to scale

CrownTV dashboards have specified user controls that give you centralized and local authority at each store so your business can grow together with your digital signage.

Increasing engagement and profits
for restaurants around the world

Increasing engagement and profits
for restaurants around
the world

You don't have to create all your content from scratch.

Choose from a wide range of apps in our free store. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll add it to our catalog.

The white glove experience

For those who want digital signage with zero hassle.

Get expert advice, the best prices on the market, and a complete digital signage system set up -without lifting a finger. 

Display it with CrownTV


Rockstar support

At Crown TV, we’ll never leave you hanging. Our expert support services team is always ready to help you with any difficulties or glitches along the way.


Expert advice

As a digital signage company with more than 30 years of experience, we can advise you on the signage and displays that will suit your restaurant best.


Management Freedom

With a most user-friendly dashboard and unlimited user controls, you can customize your digital signage experience and practice with utmost flexibility.

Create, connect, and communicate better with CrownTV.

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