Just What the Doctor Ordered: Digital Signage for Dermatology Offices

Dermatology is a field where medicine meets cosmetics. Healthy skin also looks beautiful, so the intersection of the two is inevitable. Consequently, visual forms of communication are essential for any dermatology practice.

Using digital screens to display graphics and video – also known as digital signage – is one way dermatology offices engage in visual communications. However, too many of these offices are not taking full advantage of digital signage and its benefits for the dermatology field in particular. Many of them use do-it-yourself methods like USB drives or screen mirroring to display content, which is not as effective as having a complete digital signage solution with an online content management dashboard.

Modern medicine needs modern signage. Here are some examples of content dermatology offices can display using a comprehensive digital signage solution.

1. Instagram

Instagram is the place to be for all things health and beauty on social media. The hashtag #skincare has over 12 million posts, for instance. Even more, Instagrammers interested in skin care love giving shoutouts to their favorite brands, products and services and showing off their results. So how can you tap into this valuable source of brand visibility and credibility for your practice?

One of the most popular digital signage uses out there is displaying what’s called a hashtag wall, or a stream of Instagram posts that include a hashtag of your choice. If you chose #skincare, for example, a live feed of public posts containing the hashtag #skincare would appear on your screen.

If you want to raise brand awareness, you can even tell patients to use a branded hashtag, like Schweiger Dermatology group does above with the hashtag #schweigerderm. With branded hashtags, happy patients can share a photo of their flawless skin to their Instagram account and have it show up on a screen in your office. This brings credibility and trust to your practice, showing your audience that you bring real results to real people. What’s more, it increases your visibility and engagement on the Instagram platform as well.

If your practice hasn’t generated a lot of social media buzz yet, you can always opt to display your practice’s own feed, leaving you in total control of the posts that display.

2. Branded Templates

Branding is important for dermatology practices in particular, as their field is more commercialized than other realms within medicine. As applied to digital signage, you want your content to feature your brand’s signature logo, colors, fonts and any other brand elements. Branded templates provide you with graphic templates already containing these elements, so all you have to do is add text and photos.

The template shown above for CrownTV client Schweiger Dermatology Group, for example, can be customized by the client for a multitude of purposes. It conveys valuable information while familiarizing audiences with the Schweiger brand identity.

With our solution, your branded templates are always accessible in your online dashboard. To display one of them, you simply log into your dashboard, add the desired text and photos to the template and schedule it to display. You can even create a library of templates and schedule certain ones to display on certain screens, based on location for instance.

Here are some beneficial ways for dermatology practices to use branded templates:

Establishing Trust

Skin is our largest and most visible bodily organ, so most people like to know it’s in good hands. Establish trust in your practitioners by introducing them via your digital displays. Provide information on their background, credentials, specializations and experience.

Before & After Photos

Before and after photos are the currency of credibility for dermatology practices. It’s one thing for your audience to hear or read about the results you provide, but another to see them. Use photos that you’ve taken, or ask your patients to share theirs with you. Also browse social media for any that your patients have shared using your branded hashtag!

Skincare Tips

What’s a better way to reduce perceived wait times than by educating your patients on skincare? Use your screens in any waiting areas to offer your best skincare tips and tricks. Be sure to keep them timely and relevant, like offering sun protection tips in the summer and dry skin remedies in the winter.

Promoting Products and Services

Let your patients know what’s available to them at your practice by displaying information about your products and services. Make sure you include important details like how the product or procedure works, who it’s best-suited for, recovery time, price, etc. Your patients may end up discovering and purchasing something they didn’t even know existed.

3. Weather, Quotes & Quizzes

Most people associate going to the doctor with waiting. It’s sometimes inevitable, no matter how hard your practice is working. We already mentioned reducing perceived wait times by educating patients and promoting your products and services, but it’s best to weave in other content that isn’t directly related to dermatology. Enter content like weather, quotes and quizzes.

Everyone appreciates knowing the weather forecast and what to expect when they step outside your office – especially dermatology patients who are getting a procedure done. CrownTV’s solution allows you to display the local weather full-screen or alongside other content, so your patients are always prepared.

Quotes and quizzes are another way to reduce perceived wait times, but in a more engaging manner. Our Quiz app, for example, asks questions and then displays the answer ten seconds later. And why not inspire your patients with a quote of the day? It’s a nice break from promotional or dermatology content.

4. Videos & Slideshows

Digital signage is dynamic, and yes, that includes video. 70% of brands say video is their most effective form of content marketing, so it’s a huge advantage to have. Video is great for demonstrating products or procedures, or just a simple animation of your logo.

Slideshows are especially useful for before and afters, or any other photos of your choice. The constantly changing images keep patients entertained and hungry for what’s next. As with any content when using our solution, you can schedule certain photos to display on certain screens.

Add digital signage to your dermatology office and make it as beautiful as your patients’ glowing skin. Schedule a demo of CrownTV digital signage today.

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