Why Marketing Agencies Should be Using Digital Signage from CrownTV

Marketing agencies are always in search of new and innovative ways to please their clients. Why not try digital signage? It’s a highly effective marketing tool and suitable for clients across many industries. In addition, it’s a modern, unique solution that many clients and competing agencies may not have even considered before.

How would it work, though? Simple: marketing agencies could acquire digital signage from a provider like CrownTV, then employ and manage it on behalf of their clients. There’s a revenue opportunity for agencies, too, which we’ll explore in the last section of this article.

First, here are a few ways agencies can use digital signage to achieve marketing objectives for their clients.

1. Social Media Marketing

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Digital signage takes social media marketing from the online to the physical world. Your agency could set up social media feeds to display on screens in your clients’ business locations, then customize and tweak the feeds to achieve certain objectives. It’s a huge opportunity to acquire more social media visibility, followers and engagement for the client, on top of any other social media marketing you’re already doing for them. For more on how to optimize your clients’ social media feeds for digital signage, see 7 Best Practices for Displaying Instagram with Digital Signage.

2. In-Store Product Marketing

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Product marketing is a necessary and important form of marketing, especially for retail clients. You may have plenty of tricks up your sleeve to market products online, but what about in clients’ stores? If you resort to simple printed signage, the client may not be impressed — and neither will their customers. Go with digital signage instead.

Display slideshows and videos to promote certain products and inform customers how and why to use them. Place the screens near the corresponding products in the store, attracting attention and foot traffic toward them. It’s also wise to place them near points-of-sale, like registers, to persuade customers to make last-minute purchases. For a display that fits neatly within retail shelving, look into using digital signage tablets.

3. Event Marketing

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If your client attends events like conventions or trade shows, a digital signage display can help them stand out from the crowd and attract attendees to their booth. You can set up a content schedule specifically for the event, filled with content fitting for the event. You may want to include examples of the client’s best work, a feed of social media posts related to the event, information on the client’s products and services, or promotional videos and graphics.

4. Brand Marketing

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As we wrote in this post, digital signage doesn’t just convey branding, it is branding. Make sure as much content as possible is branded according to the client’s brand guidelines. Have it include their colors, font, logo, etc. Create an environment where people are immersed in the brand and everything it represents.

Speaking of environments…

5. Experiential Marketing

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In addition to communicating messages, digital signage creates experiences. It fosters an environment where people feel they’re in a modern, tech-savvy space. It makes the customer experience interactive, immersive, engaging and memorable. Printed signage can’t do all that.

Revenue Opportunity

Marketing agencies aren’t going to employ a tool like digital signage for their clients without receiving something in return, of course. In exchange for managing the client’s digital signage, your agency can charge the client a fee and receive revenue. If you have the proper means, your agency could also offer to create custom content, like templates, videos or graphics. As long as you follow best practices and have plenty of good communication with your client, the effort will pay off.

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