CrownTV powers interactive,
dynamic visual
Attract customers.
Engage audiences.
Improve internal communications.
17,500+ screens managed daily.
20 years of experience.
10,000 happy customers.

What is CrownTV?

CrownTV’s digital signage solution makes it easier than ever for you to put content on any screen, at any location. Use it to control one screen, or a thousand, from anywhere in the world.

Schedule and display content
on one screen or hundreds

CrownTV’s visual communication technologies give you the power to broadcast interactive, dynamic, customized content on digital displays. Control your content and screens from anywhere to attract attention, engage audiences, increase your bottom line, build brand awareness and enhance internal communications.

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Find the right device for your needs

  • Digital Signage Player
    The CrownTV player delivers content to your digital displays. This powerful device is compact yet loaded with features and functions.
    Digital Signage Player
  • Tablet
    A small, portable, built-in digital signage solution with touchscreen capability. Reach customers when and where it matters.
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Digital Signage Player Tablet

One dashboard to manage all of your content

Our simple online dashboard gives you complete control of your digital signage network. Make real-time changes to your content, scheduling and settings from wherever you are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Keep your displays fresh and engaging

Our constantly evolving apps ensure your content is always interactive and exciting. Display real-time social media, RSS feeds, news, weather, company updates and more to keep audiences engaged and informed.

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