5 Reasons to Add Digital Signage to Your Small Business

Enterprise technologies like digital signage aren’t reserved for large corporations or huge chains. Although it certainly benefits these types of businesses, small businesses can also reap the benefits of digital signage in ways that address their unique needs. It’s a cutting-edge yet affordable solution that’s perfect for the small business needing a leg up on the competition. Here are five reasons to consider adding digital signage to your small business.

1. It captures and secures attention

Without far-reaching advertising campaigns at their disposal, small businesses need to make themselves noticeable to customers in other ways, often right in front of their stores. Digital signage can be an effective tool for doing so, as it has effects on customers that can stop them right in their tracks.

A 2007 report by SeeSaw Networks showed digital signage is an eye-catching, compelling form of media. 62% of adults surveyed reported to have seen digital signage advertisements over the past 12 months. For young adults age 18 to 24, the figure was 75%. The 1,780 people surveyed regarded digital signage as more attention-grabbing, unique, interesting and entertaining than other forms of media, and also found it “less annoying”.

digital signage statistics

For small businesses with limited resources, even the slightest advantages can have a huge impact on their bottom line. These advantages are more than slight – and they come at an affordable cost to boot.

2. It can grow your social media visibility and engagement

Social media is a blessing for the small business because it can be a source of free advertising. That advertising, however, will only be effective if your company is visible on social media, meaning people know where to find you and see your content. So how can you gain that visibility? You could use the all-familiar chalkboard sign outside of your location urging passers-by to follow your page, but that’s not very engaging. Consumers are always asking themselves, “what’s in it for me?”

Small Business
Digital signage with social media integration provides a more interactive experience for customers, getting them in on the action by displaying their posts. This translates to more follows, mentions and shares.

Displaying your social media accounts on digital displays engages audiences and increases your social media reach at the same time. You can point customers to your social media pages and prompt them to use a certain hashtag, but also include them in on the action by displaying their posts on your screens.

Following a page, mentioning an account or using a hashtag doesn’t give the consumer a whole lot in return, but if they know doing so means they’ll show up on a digital display, they’re more likely to do it. This interactive aspect translates to more follows, mentions and engagement, and ultimately more visibility. That’s something that benefits the small business especially, as it requires little cost and effort but has huge impact.

3. It reduces perceived wait times

Having limited resources often means small businesses take longer to deliver goods and services to customers. The wait is worth it, of course, but doing something to make it seem shorter doesn’t hurt – especially in the age of technology and miniscule attention spans.

Small Business

Christopher Pugliese, owner of Tompkins Square Bagels in New York City, told Digital Signage Today he uses the technology to help customers be more patient when waiting for their food. “People aren’t used to waiting like they did 15-20 years ago. But now I can get something up on the screen to show people this is what we do — nothing is premade or microwaved — and the images and the messages that we put up there helped people understand what’s going on in here in a better way than I could,” he said.

Try to remember the last time you waited for anything without playing on your smartphone. Technology makes waiting less dull, and that technology includes digital signage. It may not reduce actual wait times, but it’ll go by faster.

4. It builds trust and credibility with customers

It can be easier to trust larger businesses. We think they must be that successful for a reason, and there’s no way all of those customers can be wrong. Small businesses, on the other hand, often struggle to build trust and credibility with customers, no matter how long they’ve been in business and how many happy customers they’ve served. Strategies like offering a guarantee or sharing positive reviews can help, but it can be difficult to convey integrity in ways customers will notice and remember. Again, enter digital signage.

Small Business
CrownTV client Schweiger Dermatology Group uses digital signage to establish trust by displaying information about the experience and achievements of its doctors.

Displaying content like staff bios, customer testimonials, press coverage, social proof (“over 250,000 happy customers served!”), awards and recognitions or interesting facts about the business can help assure customers they’ve come to the right place, as soon as they walk into your establishment. You can display as much content as you need to convey your business’ trustworthiness, using far less space than traditional signage would require. Telling customers they can trust your small business is one thing, but showing them with digital signage is another.

5. It’s easy to set up and maintain

Time is money and technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Fortunately digital signage is simple to set up and doesn’t require much time to maintain – it’s a “set it and forget it” type of technology with easy automation. For small businesses with few employees who often wear many hats, this is music to the ears.

CrownTV’s digital signage solution doesn’t require any technical knowledge, professional installation or training to set up and use. The dashboard’s scheduling features allow for true automation, with users being able to schedule content lineups for the week ahead and dictate when displays turn on and off. Even the busiest and least technologically-savvy of small business owners is capable of managing it – no IT personnel needed. Considering how interactive, dynamic and engaging of a technology it is, the time and effort digital signage requires is minimal.

Final thoughts

Digital signage benefits businesses large and small, with CrownTV’s clients ranging from brick-and-mortar hair salons to fast casual restaurant franchises. Small businesses are just one of many subsets of businesses that should consider digital signage. The benefits mentioned in this article are helpful to any business, but small businesses in particular will feel the effects strongly. Use it effectively enough and perhaps your business won’t be “small” for much longer.

Considering digital signage for your small business? See if our solution is right for you by requesting a demo.

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