3 Advantages of Digital Signage Remote Management from CrownTV

Imagine operating a television without a remote control. It’s possible, but not very convenient. The same is true for digital signage.

Fortunately, if you’re using a cloud-based digital signage solution, it’s like having a remote control for your digital signage. Managing your content only requires logging into your dashboard from an internet-connected device, with no need to be near your displays. Cloud-based solutions are time savers and make managing screens in multiple locations as easy as a few clicks.

Cloud-based management of digital signage may seem like a daunting technical feature, but its simplicity opens up a wide range of possibilities for marketers and businesses. It allows for more targeted, relevant, timely and convenient usage of digital signage, benefiting users and audiences alike.

With remote management, a business’s digital signage becomes an orchestra; the dashboard is the conductor telling all the screens what to play and when to play it to create a well-branded symphony.

Here are the top 3 advantages of using digital signage with remote management:

1. Convenience

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As with most technology, digital signage should be convenient for businesses to use. With remote management, updating digital displays is as convenient as updating your Facebook on your smartphone. Remote dashboards can be accessed from any web-connected device and content can be changed out with the click of a button.

Moreover, remote management dashboards often include scheduling features which means you can schedule a 1am change to your Black Friday sale sign without needing to be awake at 1am to change your Black Friday sign (thank goodness, right?). And since scheduling content is so convenient, businesses will find themselves actually using their screens more often and to their fullest potential.

2. Centralized control

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As mentioned, remote management is your digital signage controller. And with one, centralized controller, businesses will not need to worry about consistency and coordination between screens and locations. Businesses can have as many people working on one dashboard simultaneously who can all see what the others are doing. Similar to working in a shared Google doc, each user can make changes and see the changes others are making to ensure everyone is in-tune.

3. Adaptability


One of the primary reasons businesses switch to digital signage is to have a more adaptable way to communicate information, right? If businesses didn’t want to ever adapt, they’d keep the same static posters and signs up forever and never even think about changing them out. Obviously, most businesses want to adapt but sometimes adapting can be time-consuming, headache-inducing, and easy to fall behind on.

However, with remote management for digital signage, adapting has never been easier. With the convenience and centralized control of the control dashboard, content can be changed out anytime, anywhere and for any screen. So if your retail store runs out of a key advertised item, you can remove any content promoting that product until it’s back in stock. If you’re a real estate firm and a hot new property goes on the market, you can begin advertising it on your screens the minute you find out.

Bonus Advantage #4: Make Digital Signage More Fun

Digital signage is creative and visual tool that’s meant to be engaging and frankly, fun. With remote management, the hassles of uploading content, ensuring every screen is right, and checking in after making changes are eliminated. This means marketers, business owners, and brands have more time and creative energy to devout to having fun with their signage and using it to it’s fullest potential.

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