How to Evoke Emotional Responses and Motivate Your Audience

A skilled communicator must be aware of the emotional valence of his or her words. Appealing to your audience’s emotional response to your product or service can greatly increase their motivational drive when it comes to taking an action towards your solution. Whether that be sharing their experience on social media, purchasing a product from your store, or referring their friends – resonation with your audience is sure to gain positive traction. Evoking emotion is one way of personifying the ‘human-side’ of your brand and in turn – making it more relatable and easier to trust.

Maybe you’re already a master of motivation and captivating your audience – if that’s the case, let this post serve as a refresher. If you are NOT a master of the aforementioned – rest easy. I’m going to walk you through a few key points to consider as you navigate the complexity of human motivation and emotion.


Powerful Imagery

When creating your strategy – your photos should not be seemingly chosen at random or without purpose. Your key focus when searching for the right photo stack should be strategic and purposeful. You want your imagery to trigger an emotion – and in return, a response [purchase].

Have you heard the old adage “photos capture our attention in ways words cannot?” Well, it’s scientifically true! According to marketing guru, Krista Neher, the brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words alone. In the same regard, it can take over 1,000 words to describe one picture. See where I’m going here?

Captivate your audience’s’ attention by streaming relevant and engaging content.

Solve Something

What are the problems, or pain points of your audience? Once you have established what your brand can help solve, you can easily figure out how to address the issues.

No matter the product or brand, everyone is offering some kind of solution or solutions. Identify the ‘problems’ of your audience, specify how your product/service/brand/business is solving it, and then begin to sprinkle that content across your digital displays, website, blog, etc. The key is reminding them of their pain points – and providing a solution.


Now that you have identified and appealed to your audience’s pain points, don’t lose consistency. Your audience wants to trust you and wants to feel the sincerity of what you’re trying to convey. Share content that reinforces your care and attention – the last thing you want to do is appear distrustful or insincere.

Center than connection and stay consistent. It’ll go a long way.

Create an Experience


Creating a guided experience for your audience is important in order for them to retain knowledge and understanding of your solution [to their pain point].  An example of creating an experience can be through storytelling. No, not literally storytelling like you’re a kid at bedtime – rather a term used for appealing to memory.

Your audience is likely to forget data given them, so instead, try giving them a reason. Explain why they should be using your product or service and how it should be used. Refrain from data and hard facts. Create an experience for them, which in return increase the likelihood of them remembering your brand – and reap the benefits.

*Be sure they’re not remembering something negative about your brand – it works both ways.

Incorporate the above and start connecting with your audience on a deeper level. They don’t want to feel like you’re just taking their money, so show them that your product or service is far more valuable than a dollar sign. To learn about how your business can incorporate all of these strategies on a digital display, click here for your free demo.

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