The core of digital signage brilliance

Scale your business and manage displays across the globe without compromising security, flexibility, or ease of use.

One dashboard, unlimited displays.

Manage thousands of remote screens easily, as though they were a single display.

Tractable access controls

Enable or limit access to content, settings, zones, and displays for individuals or teams.

Content takeover management

Prioritize your content by overriding screens instantly or by scheduling takeovers.

Split-screen displays

Show two things simultaneously with the dashboard's split-screen display option.

Maximum security and protection

Keep safe with our enterprise-grade security and seamless, secure identity authentications.


Schedule content for now, soon, or next month, so you can be  organized in advance.

Centralized screen monitoring

See all your displays’ locations, connections, and playing content, at a glance -in one place.

Analytics & Reporting

Get real-time insights on your content playback and export detailed data reports.

Create beautiful Content

-directly from your dashboard.

Choose from our extensive library of pre-designed, ready-to-use templates and customize them with the text, images, shapes, and other elements of your choice. 

Our dashboard also integrates with cloud storage, allowing you to incorporate your files.

Need more help?
CrownTV designers are available to help you create custom templates in line with your brand image.

Control your screens

-no matter how far you are. 

  • Set days and times for screen displays to switch on and off.
  • Group the displays you want to be sharing identical content.
  • Check your remote screens’ displays in real-time with screenshots.
  • Regulate remote screen settings, including orientation, locality, internet connection, and language

Manage member roles

-so everyone has just the right amount of access.

Our dashboard has been uniquely designed to accommodate a large number of users with different user roles and access permissions.
You can:

  • Add new users easily and customize their roles.
  • Create teams with a hierarchy of permissions.
  • Assign the responsibility of specific displays to specific users or teams.
  • Display a mix of corporately scheduled content and locally scheduled content from each of your outlets.

Need even more customization?

Ask CrownTV to create personalized roles to suit your preferences.

So smart has
never been so easy.


Upload and configure your content - apps, images, videos, and PDFs.


Create ordered playlists to manage the sequence of your displayed content.


Choose the screen or groups of screens on which to display your new content.


Choose to display your content immediately or schedule for a specific time.

It’s live!

Your chosen content is displayed on your chosen screens at your chosen time.

Ultimate security for your dashboard.

Data Security & Compliance

CrownTV AICPA SOC 2 Type II certification reflects our unwavering dedication to safeguarding customer and company data.

Application Security

CrownTV offers a secure solution to protect your data. We encrypt your data when using our application to ensure maximum protection.

Product Security

Our product design includes a range of security features, such as role-based access controls, content permissions, and local folder encryption.

Infrastructure Security

We host our platform on the world's leading cloud infrastructure provider, giving you the flexibility to choose where your data is stored.

Data encryption

Your Data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit.

Managed account access

Integrates with major Single Sign-On providers.

bandwidth usage

At CrownTV, we offer the flexibility to customize the bandwidth usage of our digital signage player, allowing you to adjust it based on specific timeframes and data restrictions.

CrownTV makes it
even easier.

App integrations

Content doesn’t always have to mean creation. Integrate your favorite apps from our app store for more engagement and less hassle.

Rockstart Support

We usually respond within 4 hours during business days. A dedicated manager is assigned to your account for a seamless customer service experience. 

Online Training 

There’s no need to waste time teaching your team the ropes. Get them to become CrownTV dashboard pros with our free online courses and personalized training. 

“We were looking for digital signage software that allowed multi-user access for our 150+ locations, but with differing levels of control. CrownTV’s software was the ideal solution. We love the flexibility and responsiveness.”

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