What is digital signage? Why every smart business or franchise should use it

Digital signage consists of electronic displays such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images primarily used to display promotional or informative content most. They can be found in almost every industry including retail, hospitality, salons and spas, restaurants, corporate office buildings, medical offices and more.

Digital signage displays are controlled via a web-based interface from a computer or any other devices with an internet connection, through the use of either proprietary or free (open source) software.

Digital signage allows real-time, remote display of video, advertisements and messages with the common goal of delivering targeted content to specific locations and/or consumers at specific times. This is called “digital out of home” or DOOH.

Since content may be frequently and easily updated, saving printing and/or construction costs associated with traditional signage, digital signage makes it easy to create and maintain on-site messaging.

In the retail industry, in-store digital signage provides an opportunity to strategically upsell items, maintain customers’ attention and better demonstrate your products. Ultimately, all of this boosts sales. An analysis by Nielsen showed 4 out of 5 brands saw an increase of 33% in sales with the use of dynamic digital signage[1].

Content is the name used to describe what is displayed on screen. It can be of any variety, including animations, images, text, video or audio. In order to be successfully used, digital signage content must be relevant, targeted and well designed.

CrownTV provides services enabling you to make the most of your digital signage and improve your bottom line. The CrownTV box can be connected to any display. Our easy web-based interface allows you to manage any screen(s) at any location in a matter of minutes.

[1]“Awareness and Effectiveness of Digital Display Screens Installed In Grocery Stores”, Nielsen 2010

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