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A world of app possibilities

Looking to organize your content? Personalize your communication? Automate this flow? Display that live? Engage with more information? There’s an app for everything in our free store, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll add it to our catalog. 

Create, connect, and communicate better with the genius of today’s apps and widgets. 


Keep your customers informed with up-to-date local weather information displayed prominently on your digital signs.


Showcase your Instagram feed on any screen while maintaining control to review and moderate posts before they're displayed, ensuring a curated presentation for your audience.


Showcase any website directly on your screens with ease.

Headline News

Stay informed with the Headline News app, effortlessly showcasing written news headlines and captivating images on your digital signage screens. Select from a variety of popular news sources to engage your audience effectively.


Boost your social proof by prominently displaying your Google Reviews.


Bring NFTs from the digital realm to the physical one by displaying them on your digital signage screens.

Scrolling Ticker

Empower your messaging with our user-friendly digital signage app's scrolling ticker feature. Add, edit, and customize text to deliver real-time updates, news, and announcements that capture attention and keep your audience informed.


Transform your digital signs with the ability to feature any YouTube video. Our intuitive app allows you to seamlessly integrate and showcase your chosen videos, engaging your audience like never before.


Create an engaging live wall of tweets while maintaining control through post review and moderation before they appear.

RSS Feeds

Experience news like never before with NewsHub! This comprehensive news app brings together headlines from various sources, allowing you to discover news from around the world. Customize your news feed and explore a wide range of topics with NewsHub!

Simple Clock

Present either a timeless analog or a contemporary digital clock on your screen.


Instantly showcase images and videos from your Microsoft OneDrive on your Digital Sign screens using the dedicated OneDrive app, ensuring seamless and efficient content integration.


Display your stored images and videos directly onto your screens, ensuring swift and seamless content integration.

Google Drive

Display images and videos from your Google Drive on your screens, with automatic synchronization to reflect any changes made.


Create and launch your signs with ready-made templates and a user-friendly GUI editor. Customize and animate elements with ease to craft attention-grabbing displays.

Split Screen

Effortlessly divide your screens into distinct zones or regions.

Make an impression, effortlessly.

Enjoy seamless integrations with an ever-expanding array of apps, ensuring your displays remain vibrant and captivating while saving you time on content creation. 

Display whatever what you want.

If you can’t find an app that does exactly what you need it to do, we will develop it for you as we’ve done for 136 of our delighted customers. 

You dream it – you get it. 

“We are thrilled with CrownTV’s exceptional work in creating a custom app for us to display because we couldn’t find one that fit our requirements well enough. Their team went above and beyond to understand what we need. CrownTV’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction have been outstanding.”

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