What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a way of displaying adverts, messages, or information on indoor or outdoor screens. 

The main uses of digital signage:

Outdoor advertising:

Outdoor digital signage is a popular form of advertising, allowing businesses to reach potential customers with an eye-catching display. Outdoor digital signage can be found in public spaces such as airports, malls, train stations, and along busy roads. By using large and interactive displays, businesses can grab the attention of passersby and create a memorable impression that has a proven high conversion rate.

Indoor advertising:

Indoor digital signage is equally beneficial for businesses. Being able to communicate with customers within their store or other indoor areas can have a real impact on sales and customer service. Indoor digital signage allows businesses to quickly update information, offer promotions, provide product details, present interactive games, and create an overall better experience for the customer, increasing loyalty and profits from purchases.

Communicating information: 

Digital signage isn’t just for advertising. A variety of organizations use it to communicate important information to their clients or customers. Digital signs are often used in airports, healthcare centers, hospitals, schools, banks, and other places where people need reliable updates on the goings-on of the establishment.  Digital signage can be used to provide information on wait times, upcoming events, staff changes, and more.


Digital signage can also be used to provide entertainment for customers or guests. Museums, aquariums, stores, and even restaurants have begun using digital signage as part of their décor in order to create a memorable experience and to reduce perceived wait times. Digital displays are often interactive and engaging, providing an immersive experience that draws people in and encourages them to stay longer. 

Internal communication: 

Digital signage is also often used as a form of internal corporate communication. This allows businesses to keep their employees up-to-date about changes in the company, new policies or procedures, employee benefits, and other important information. Digital signage also helps build morale and health competition between employees by displaying messages of appreciation or recognition from management.

How does digital signage work?

Digital signage works by displaying content on digital screens using various technologies, such as LCD, LED, and projection systems. These systems are usually connected to a computer or network server in order to receive and display the necessary content.

At CrownTV, we’ve created a digital signage solution comprising a user-friendly dashboard, a powerful media player, screens of your choice, and unlimited integrations from the CrownTV app store.


Dashboards are the hub of digital signage. They’re used to control and manage content for your digital signage network. With a CrownTV dashboard, you can easily upload multimedia files (such as images, videos, and PDFs), create your own branded content using the help of our library of templates, and integrate RSS news feeds, apps, and widgets using our unlimited app store. The CrownTV dashboard makes it easier than ever to update information across multiple screens in multiple locations.


The player is the hardware component of digital signage that receives and displays content on digital screens. The CrownTV media player is a small, sleek black box that’s incredibly powerful, dependable, and is not reliant on an internet connection for playback.


Not all content has to be created from scratch. You can integrate RSS news feeds, weather apps, social media widgets, and more for ultimate engagement without creation. The CrownTV app store provides access to hundreds of integrations, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll add it for you.


The screens are your actual digital signage display. At CrownTV, we’ve sealed the best deals with the largest hardware producers and can secure prices you cannot find on the market. Based on our decades of experience in the digital signage industry, we can also advise you on the size, type, and power of screens you need for the best digital signage solution.

Meet the businesses who’ve met
success with Crowntv

Meet the businesses who’ve meT success with Crowntv

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