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The relationship with each of our customers is important. We do everything we can to provide complete satisfaction at each stage of the solution’s development. Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our customers.

  • uptown flats logo, uptown flats
    "Our clients love our display, and we're getting a lot more foot traffic. It's increasing our bottom line on a daily basis. We love the rotating images of our listed properties, which keeps our clients interested and hungry for more."
  • orpi logo
    "We were looking for digital signage software that allowed multi-user access for our 1,200+ locations, but with differing levels of control. CrownTV's software was the ideal solution. We love the flexibility and responsiveness."
  • cutler salon logo, cutler salon
    "We love CrownTV. The interface is really intuitive and it's great to have all of our in-house content easily displayed for our guests. Having a platform to showcase our behind-the-scenes work at Fashion Week has been a great talking point."
  • popbar logo, popbar
    "We already had displays but wanted the capability of changing franchisees’ displays for specific locations if needed. I think it enhances the overall look of the brand. We love being able to connect remotely."
  • vivaldi, vivaldi boutique, vivaldi boutique nyc, vivaldi logo
    "In a crowded marketplace like New York City, it's hard to drive foot traffic into a retail store. Placing CrownTV displays in our storefront windows has helped us stand out and meet that challenge. We also love the modern aesthetic it adds."
  • loreal, loreal paris, loreal logo, loreal paris logo
    "Digital signage has improved our quality of service at all levels. Displaying information about the salon, its expertise, brands and innovations draws clients in. We highly recommend digitization. It's impactful and attractive."
  • gansevoort, gansevoort logo, gansevoort hotel group
    "CrownTV has enabled guests to stay aware of current happenings and promotions on our properties. The interface is very intuitive and well-designed. We look forward to continuing to use it to drive revenue."
  • "CrownTV is a thing of genius. Our displays have been eye-catching and informative. It shows that we do have 'Million Dollar Listings'. People love to stand and watch our displays."
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